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Your Spain tree house holiday, your way

Whether you desire a romantic get-away for two, or are a family wanting a holiday, tree houses for rent in Spain can provide a pleasant and unique solution. Nestled in the tree tops overlooking woodlands, rivers and creeks, with cabins rising between five and seventeen metres above the ground, the wonderful views on offer, will vary, depending on which tree houses Spain holiday you choose. As an ecological holiday, the facilities of the various cabanas will be different. Some offer running water, others provide water in a jug for washing. There are lanterns and candles for lighting, or full mains lighting. For those on a romantic get-away, meals can be provided by basket and pulley directly to the tree tops. Whereas other localities, meals are enjoyed in a lodge. Some of the cabins are suitable only for couples, others are the size of a traditional house, and are designed for complete families.

Spain Tree Houses

Your tree top holiday awaits

There is a vibrant culture of tree houses for rent in Spain. These unique and delightful holiday cabins have been established in several locations within this country. Spain tree house cabins are in woodlands, at opposite sides of the country, providing unique experiences at each locality. Tree houses Spain are often within easy reach of cities, and the coast. One of these woodland adventures is close to the border with Portugal, allowing cross border day trips. Two others are located within an easy drive of port cities, providing easy access for a driving holiday. All the locations are easily accessible by car, usually with parking nearby.

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Activities to go with your tree houses Spain holiday

There are a variety of delightful activities on offer in different tree houses for rent in Spain. At some locations roe deer may wander past while you are enjoying breakfast on your private terrace. For those interested in birds, vultures may fly overhead skimming the tree tops, or cranes may be seen at nearby river pools. Nearby sulphur mud pools, swimming or relaxing massages, are activities available to provide relaxation and rest. For the more adventurous, there are mountain biking, horse riding, or mountain climbing activities a short drive away. For children, as well as the not so young, there are tree-top adventure courses, to provide plenty of thrills. Provide yourself with a meaningful experience which you will treasure for a lifetime, or become regular visitors to these delightful Spain tree house holidays.