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A grandfather builds a three-story tree house for his grandchildren in the US

Published on August 28, 2016 by Treehouseadmin

Featuring a balcony, stairs, slides and electric power, the house is so high that it had to be supported by four trees

Many children dreamed of having a treehouse, but probably none of them have fantasized a three-story mansion in the backyard. That is the reality of the sibilants Jacob, 6, and Kayla, 4. They won the coolest tree anyone could possibly have from their grandfather, Jay Hewitt.
According to the American newspaper “The Sun Chronicle,” the house has a balcony, stairs, slides, electric power and is so high that it had to be supported by four trees.

Jay Hewitt lives in Attleboro, United States, and took him two years to build the house in his backyard. For the work, in addition to other materials, he used scraps remaining of the work accomplished as a builder. He said to the newspaper that he had a very simple, small tree house when he was a child, and decided to make the best possible construction for his grandchildren.
The tree mansion was so successful that Hewitt and his wife are thinking of selling it together with the house. But Jacob and Kayla do not need to be sad because grandpa ensured that he plans to build another house as cool as that one, in case they have to move.

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